How to use and what can I find here? provides information about the living environment and its quality at the level of the address or postcode. We believe that the biggest impact to each person's life is made mostly by the environment they spend most of their time in. It is most important that we can change our environment and life quality to the best only when we have all necessary information.

That is why provides such data as crime rates, transport, air pollution, noise level, demographic information, distances to the main objects and leisure locations, education and training institutions.

Is the information reliable and what is its source?

Any information you find on has been collected from official open data sources. These data are provided by different states, local authorities, private companies, non-governmental organisations. does not accept the liability for reliability of these data.

Where can I report incorrect information?

If you have noticed inaccuracies, please contact administrators by e-mail Please indicate clearly in which part of the website you have noticed the inaccuracies and how they should be corrected (please indicate the source on the basis of which we will be able to supplement or correct the data placed on Your application will be considered within a week.

What should I do if I am unable to find my house and/or street?

Please communicate this by e-mail Indicate your house number, street, postcode, neighbourhood and city. We will supplement our database with the address you have indicated as soon as possible.

Can I use data?

All information as well as the processed open data contained on belong to These data can be used by all Internet users free of charge if this is not directly related to commercial activities. Any mass copying and storage of the data is prohibited. Concerning cooperation, please contact