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Place I Live is a location based platform that provides a range of insightful information about neighborhoods. On the website you can not only find the map of San Francisco but also see various data about restaurants, schools, museums, safety, population, and other categories that are used to estimate Life Quality Index rating of a selected borough, street, or address in San Francisco. This is a practical implementation not only for those living in the area, but also for those traveling and seeking to explore and discover something new about San Francisco and zip codes around it. By checking the map of San Francisco you can view streets, find locations of San Francisco you are looking for and obtain directions and learn of various means to get there. You can review an assortment of places in the San Francisco map to stay depending on your wallet and taste, with provided deals on hotels and hostels. Also, you can check reviews, tweets, and Instagram pictures for comparisons. And if you had been there before leave a note of your own impressions of this location of San Francisco in this and other boroughs.

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San Francisco is the second most densely populated major city in the US after New York City. It is home to liberal activism, Peace Movement, gay rights movement, Sexual Revolution, Summer of Love, the hippie counterculture phenomenon, California Gold Rush of 1849, and more – the confluence of which makes San Francisco an ever progressive city. Not to forget its eclectic architecture, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Prison, its Chinatown District, and much more. With such diversity in San Francisco you can always find something interesting and new to try or visit – just check the map of San Francisco for possible locations. Be it a restaurant, historical site, museum, art gallery, park, or something else, you can check the San Francisco maps for these and other locations, addresses, directions, transportation to make your stay easier and more enjoyable in San Francisco and its surrounding boroughs.

 When the city was devastated by a major earthquake and a massive fire of 1906, Jack London wrote, “not in history has a modern imperial city been so completely destroyed,” and concluded, “San Francisco is gone.” At the time, that, without a doubt, could’ve been the sentiment felt and shared by many. But such is perseverance, the iconic city rebuilt and is now a home to many things that you might what to visit. You can check the San Francisco map for addresses and locations of various places such as restaurants, parks, historical monuments, museums, art galleries, schools, libraries, laundromats, and other venues and places. You can also check reviews for accommodations and their quality and compare those to the ones from other neighborhoods and areas around. Instagram pictures under the map of San Francisco are also available for your viewing. If you don’t agree with the review or have a better picture, you are encouraged to write and leave one yourself. Sign up for updates, as they are readily available.

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